Saturday, July 21, 2007

On Finding an Old Friend

I am so glad I found you. Sometimes, like now, when I am not able to sleep at 5 in the morning, I brood in the dark and think melancholic thoughts about my past. Then I turn on the only light permitted in my bedroom: the glow from my laptop, and wander across to your blog to look for a post or two. Within moments, I will have found one that resonates thematically with my thoughts. Then satisfied, my eyelids droop, and I fall asleep.

peace, Gary. peace.

While Going to Sleep

Now that the day has made me so tired,
my dearest longings shall
be accepted kindly by the starry night
like a weary child.

Hands, cease your activity,
head, forget all of your thoughts;
all my senses now
will sink into slumber.

And my soul, unobserved,
will float about on untrammeled wings
in the enchanted circle of the night,
living a thousandfold more deeply.

Hermann Hesse

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