Monday, October 07, 2013

email Message to Lewis A. Winkler, MD

Dr. Winkler:

I had three consults with you in April 1991.  I was a paralegal at the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld.  Attached is the link to a workers' compensation claim I have filed based on injuries I suffered at Akin Gump and you negligently failed to address.  You promoted yourself as knowledgeable about employment-related problems, but in my case you were unable to identify the specific and recognized problem of workplace mobbing that I was experiencing.  Shonda, Dr. Winkler, shonda!

Gary Freedman
Washington, DC


Gary Freedman said...

Gary Freedman said...

Dr. Winkler states:

I work with a broad variety of patients and am very experienced in COMBINING and INTEGRATING individual, group, and couples psychotherapy with effective psychopharmacology,,, IF NEEDED I specialize in mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, both severe and more-moderate personality trait and style issues, and am also highly interested in helping people and couples grow out of "BINDS" they are in.. or... those that conflicting personality styles create,, I also specialize in workplace issues, work_created problems, vocational identity issues and have experience in E E O, Workers Comp, and other litigation
i have had extensive training and experience with analytic, existential, and interpersonal approaches, and also am in the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology as well I see the "worried_well" and those with more serious diagnoses and problems, and am able to refer patients to other medical specialists and to neuropsychologists as needed
i offer a warm nurturing therapeutic environment coupled with a "highly_focused" investigative approach to ADEQUATELY and ACCURATELY diagnose and treat patients..I am interested in early "shaping" family_of_origin issues,trauma of all types, and peer group interpersonal experiences wich shape and create today s difficulties I also am interested in dream_work