Saturday, October 05, 2013

email Message to Judy Peres, Former Sheppard Pratt Counselor

Ms. Peres:

In October 1991 Dennis M. Race, Esq. (202 887 4028) (Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld) consulted a Sheppard Pratt counselor who acquiesced in Mr. Race's decision to terminate my employment.  I was not given an opportunity to discuss my employment problems with Sheppard Pratt, which was Akin Gump's Employee Assistance Provider.  Attached is a workers' comp claim I have filed based on injuries I suffered at Akin Gump and which Sheppard Pratt (Washington, DC) and you specifically failed to address.  Sheppard Pratt promoted itself as knowledgeable about employment-related problems, but in my case SP was unable to identify the specific and recognized problem of workplace mobbing. 

October 4, 2013
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apartment 136
Washington, DC  20008

DC Department of Employment Services
Labor Standards Bureau
Office of Workers' Compensation
4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20019
Phone: (202) 671-1000

Dear Sir or Madam:

I hereby file a claim for Workers' Compensation with the Department of Employment Services of the Government of the District of Columbia.  Enclosed are completed form OWC-7 (Employee's Notice of Accidental Injury or Occupational Disease) and completed form OWC-7A (Employee's Claim Application).

I certify under penalty of perjury for making false statements that all the statements I make in support of my claim are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I certify that there is documentation that corroborates all the statements I make in support of my claim and that I will be able to forward copies of said documentation to the Department of Employment Services upon request. 

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Gary Freedman said...

Judith R. Peres, LCSW-C
Last Updated: 2/27/2013

Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Cognitive/Behavioral & Mind/Body speciality

Judith Peres is a clinical social worker with postgraduate training in cognitive/behavioral therapy and mind/body health. She has extensive experience in stress management, grief work, aging and palliative care. Her career spans over three decades in both Medicare and Medicaid health policy and direct clinical work. Her clinical practice includes Employee Assistance Program work for the Sheppard Pratt Institute in Baltimore, Maryland and work as both a psychotherapist and mind/body specialist for Kaiser Permanente. She draws on her experience in both psychotherapy and policy for her practice.

Her practice focuses on assisting people with successful life transitions. Transitions represent the inner reorientation and redirection we all experience when faced with major life changes. Changes, even desired ones, can create stress, anxiety and depression.

She uses her cognitive/behavioral experience as a therapist, plus her clinical training in stress management and mind/body health, to support persons undergoing change, to transform a perspective of “limitation” to one of possibility. Research has shown that these skills and approaches are especially beneficial in restoring emotional well-being during times of change in our careers, family life, relationships, health, grief and aging.

In addition, she is a Medicare provider and helps elders and their families navigate the uncharted waters towards successful aging with dignity and independence.