Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Does Elizabeth Joyce Know?

My opinion is that Elizabeth Joyce knows everything!

Elizabeth Joyce was the front desk manager at my apartment building, 3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC from 1986 to mid-year 2003. She worked under apartment managers Elaine Wranik (now deceased), John Reuss, and David Castleberry. The apartment is managed by WRIT, the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust.

Elizabeth Joyce was friendly with several tenants including Patricia Marx Ellsberg (the wife of Daniel Ellsberg, yes, THE Daniel Ellsberg of Watergate fame); Dawn White, who still lives in the building and continues to communicate with Mrs. Joyce; as well as Barbara D'Jabbour who also resides in the building with her husband Frank and continues to speak with Mrs. Joyce.

Dawn White is friendly with another tenant named Isabelle Fine. I've been having coffee with Miss Fine in the lobby of the building for years now.

Incidentally, Elizabeth Joyce is originally from London, England and was born in the year 1930. Imagine this -- she survived the London Blitz, but she didn't survive David Castleberry! Amazing!

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