Friday, January 04, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog? Really, what do I have to talk about? There isn't all that much of a story to tell. Apart from my writing -- I really don't do much. I spend an appalling amount of time not just under the influence of television but in a falling-down TV-induced haze; television being for me "a form of self-medication, a way of fending off the pains of my own past as well as the continuing agony of my personal life"; my sibling relationship to the former Estelle Freedman was mostly unhappy, at times drastically so, yet we have granted the other a perverse loyalty (when we're not ignoring each other entirely); I putter around my one-room apartment where I have spent most of my adult life; and I, like Donald Trump, worry excessively about money, though Trump's turned it into a career. I just worry about money.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the money can eat most of us alive. And to think We anger and stress about these things..."hard not 2" For money can be such an Evil thing in our lives, for we tend to make it that way. Because we know money itself is not evil..its what we do with we behave with or without the green stuff. Unfortunately we need it to do everything darn thing...nothing in life is for free really. I hope that u lay it at God's feet ...this worry, I assure you I have been there....And we know that money can not take pain away or bring happiness..."even though we may see it that way" I ask that God gives u contentment...and a sound mind .He will indeed take this worry away...ask him to do so" For he provides us with what we need...NOT what we want. For as Paul said...""if we have food and clothing, we shall be content"..Oh wait,..I just thought of something, is this a repost or no? I remember u said that you probably would repost a lot of things u have already wrote? Ok..Trusting that God will bless you! For "ahum, I have to remember this myself" keep your chin up!