Monday, February 01, 2016

The Department of Behavioral Health Cuts me Loose

Ms. Nichols,

I met with Monica Acharya, M.D. this afternoon, February 1, 2016.  Dr. Acharya is Dr. Stone's supervisor.  Dr. Acharya has advised me that DBH is terminating my work with Dr. Stone and has talked to McClendon about Dr. Steury taking me on as a psychotherapy patient.  Dr. Acharya emphasized the fact that I need to see an experienced therapist and the only therapists available from DBH are residents.  Apparently DHB is refusing to offer me treatment.

I have serious concerns about DBH cutting me loose.  I have been diagnosed with psychotic mental illness.  Two psychiatrists have diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia.  Also the DC Attorney General affirmed to the D.C. Superior Court and the D.C. Court of Appeals that my former coworkers had genuine and credible fears that I could become armed and extremely dangerous.  My former supervisor took precautions against my carrying out a mass homicidal assault on my employer's premises.  Do you think I should contact the U.S. Attorney's Office about the refusal of DBH to provide treatment?

Gary Freedman
202 362 7064

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