Thursday, May 09, 2013

Revenge: How would each type go about it?

ESFJ: They'd talk so much shit on them that they would utterly destroy their reputation. Unless they were guys, then they would just fight em'.

ESFP: They would humiliate them in front of all their friends, or just kick their ass regardless of gender.

ISFJ: They'd cry.


ESTJ: They would get them fired from their job, or exploit that weakness that they made a mental note of long long ago.

ISTJ: Possibly the same as ESTJ but very indirectly.

ESTP: They'd gather all their friends and jump the person who scorned them. They'd all have shot guns if they are into that sort of thing.

ISTP: I dunno, run you over or some shit, I'm sick of talking about S's, their methods are too uncreative.

INTP: They would spend several days not sleeping just obsessing over this person, finding about everything they can about them, analyzing everything about them until they know this person better than they know themselves.
Then they would pick the perfect time to deliver the final blow, it would be subtle, but explosive.

ENTP: They would be pissed for a few hours but they'd get over it and probably just see the humor in it.

ENTJ: They'd use their connections to destroy this person's life and every one who knows him/her. They will never work in this town again!

INTJ: You're pretty much fucked.

INFP: Writes a novel symbollically attacking the person they hate

ENTJ: Puts together an organization to make the persons life bad

INTP: Designs a genius new torture system but forgets that they were angry

INTJ: Makes a 20 year long strategic plan of making your life hell and follows through


Gary Freedman said...

AGSHF: If we fire him, will he cause trouble?

(They should have given me the Myers Briggs Test).

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