Friday, May 04, 2007

Gary is a Loner

Gary is a loner. He is sometimes withdrawn, and has a fairly chilly, nonchalant personality. Although he is introverted, he is extremely rational. He is wary at times of the outer world, his senses, and even his intellect, because they might all be sources of illusion. His quest for identity with a spiritual whole gives him a voracious appetite for ideologies, structures, and theories. Readings which others would find abstract and intellectual impress him as reflections of important and lively realities. As a result, he has a penchant for reflection and philosophical study. He is intrigued by difficult problems and enjoys solving them. There is no difficulty which can discourage him from the goal he has decided to reach for himself. His tendency to be a bit calculating, sometimes conservative, and his independent mind all give him the ability to tackle difficult tasks.

Gary leads a difficult existence and, though he wallows in despair, he is not overwhelmed by the burdens of life.

Indeed, a hard lot has fallen upon him! But he resigns himself to the will of destiny, and only asks God constantly to grant through His divine will that, so long as he must still suffer death in life here, he be protected from penury. This will give him the strength to bear his lot, however hard and grievous, with resignation to the will of the Almighty.

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