Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Could Say I Was Home Schooled

I can still remember the day my sister started high school. It was her first day in the ninth grade. It would have been my first day in the third grade. My sister had had her first French class. She was 13 years old and I was 7. It was September 1961. She said: "Quelles couleurs sont les arbres?" Then she taught me to say: "Les arbres sont verts."

Then, complaining about the late summer heat, my sister kept repeating at the dinner table: "Quel chaleurs!"

I wonder if Murray had these problems with his older brother, Fred? I doubt it.

For the chapter: "The Perils of Having an Older Sister."

When I started junior high school, foreign language study was required. I took French. In November 1965 my mother attended the parent-teacher conference and met with, among others, my French teacher, Mr. Jack John Morris. Mr. Morris praised my French accent. "Gary's French accent is superb. Is there somebody in your family who speaks French?" That would be my sister, Edith Piaf!

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