Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Message from Matt Burke

I have a Facebook friend named Matt Burke. He lives in Manchester, England. He once telephoned me; we chatted for a while. He's a professional musician: a trumpet player and teacher. He's a fan of jazz and classical music, especially Mahler and Bruckner. Here's a recent message I got from Matt:

Hi Gary,

I loved reading about your trip [to Atlantic City], it made me smile! Sounds like you had a lovely time and spent just the right amount of time away too? I enjoyed how music was a nice feature of your trip and I'm impressed that you work out everyday - a leaf I need to take from your book!

I've had a great summer, playing music, making a short film with some friends and I'm just getting down to arranging some music for the kids' ensembles ready for this term, which starts next week.

My girlfriend Michelle got into City College, London to do a masters in communication disorders/speech therapy, so she's flying to England on Thursday, which is very exciting! She's very emotional at the moment though, dealing with such a big move. I'll be doing everything in my power to help her when she's over here.

Also, over the summer, I got a new trumpet (pitched in C). It's a beautfiul instrument that will open up repertoire and sounds that just weren't available to me before. All the guys in the American orchestras play C trumpets, but the tradition over here has always been Bb trumpets for standard use.

By the way, have you ever heard Celibidache's recordings of Bruckner? I find them inspired.

Glad your well and happy,

Speak soon


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