Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Problems With The DC Government

Ms. Franssen:

Thanks for the information. About the rent increase, I have been paying the rent increase of $28.00 per month on my own since November 1, 2008 and will continue to do so. I assumed there would be problems, since there always seem to be problems with Housing. The rent increase is not a financial burden for me. I will be receiving an increase in my Social Security payment effective January 1, 2009 that will be more than $28.00 per month. So I'm OK as far as financial resources go.

About Dr. Abraha, I find that my interaction with him is a total waste of time. Let me tell you about yesterday's session. First, I didn't contradict or dispute him on any issues so as not to provoke any confrontation. The meeting was very cordial--but meaningless.

I told him about a young doctor, Brad Dolinsky, MD, who used to reside in my building. I said I admired him because even though he was just a resident, he had written a medical paper that he got published and that eventually won a national award for excellence in medical writing. I said I admired the fact that he went above and beyond the requirements of his residency training program. I told Dr. Abraha that I felt I would like to see someone like Dr. Dolinsky in psychotherapy: that Dr. Dolinsky was someone I could identify with. I told Dr. Abraha that I felt I needed "narcissistic mirroring." That is, someone who I could identify with--someone who represented an idealized version of myself. So Dr. Abraha said, "So you think you have a narcissistic personality disorder?" I said, "No. I don't think I have a narcissistic personality disorder, but I do think I have narcissistic tendencies." Then Dr. Abraha went off on a tangent. He said, "You know who has narcissistic personality disorder? Many of the dictators in Africa are narcissistically disturbed. They don't care about their people, they let them starve; they murder the people who oppose them; they rule their countries as dictators." So I just sat there listening to Dr. Abraha, not saying anything; but I was thinking, "what on Earth do African dictators have to do with my problems, specifically my perceived need for narcissistic mirroring?" It was as if Dr. Abraha had nothing to say on the need for narcissistic mirroring, so he just started talking about something he knew about without any regard for my psychological problems and needs.

Then Dr. Abraha started talking about something that he repeats at least once a month. He started talking about the neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. He repeats this speech again and again, and really it has nothing to do with psychotherapy: my thoughts, wishes, feelings, fantasies, and needs. Then he asked me about what medications I was taking (an issue that is really Dr. Barbot's bailiwick).

All in all I had an absolutely meaningless session with Dr. Abraha. It's as if he has nothing to contribute so he fills up the hour with irrelevancies that he feels comfortable talking about. I am not angry about this. I just feel extremely frustrated, and I feel a sense of futility and meaninglessness.

As I said, I'm willing to continue with Dr. Abraha, but the time we spend together is basically worthless.


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Mr. Freedman,

Good Morning. I was writing to see how things went for you in therapy with Dr. Abraha. I am hoping it went well and you were comfortable throughout the session. Please let me know if you continue to have any problems.

As far as the rent increase goes, it sounds like DMH does not have any funding right now. I initially thought this was for new subsidies but apparently it also includes current ones (i.e. rent increase or income changes). I did ask Dr. Stewart when she thought the funding issue would be resolved and she was unable to give me a date. If you are able to make up the difference yourself, please do so at this time. If not, I can refer you to ERAP (Emergency Rental Assistance Program) and they can assist. However, with ERAP, you20have to have already been delinquent/behind in paying your rent. I know you have been able to make up the difference, but again if you are not able to do this please let me know. As soon as the Department has funding, they are supposed to let the managers know and then we will know ourselves. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this. Otherwise, I will plan on seeing you tomorrow morning for the inspection.

Have a great day. Be safe and try to stay warm.

Valerie Franssen, MA
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Subject: rent subsidy

Ms. Franssen:

I received two receipts from the rental office at my apartment building
indicating payment to the landlord, WRIT, of two checks, each in the
amount of $430.00. As you know, WRIT imposed a rental increase on my
unit (136)effective November 1, 2008 in the amount of $28.00 per month.
At least one of the checks should have been in the amount of $458.00

The Housing Office check numbers are 49694 and 964213.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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