Monday, June 23, 2008

Who is Gary Freedman -- The Story Behind the Story

Easygoing: DRIVE: Can sometimes appear casual about work. Modest concern towards accomplishing goals. Able to set work aside. Quality and timeliness of work may ebb and flow with interest in task. ORGANIZATION: Reasonably well organized. May become somewhat disordered under heavy workload.

Very Private: Shy and reserved. Does not seek attention from others. Doesn't say much. Behavior is usually deliberate, cautious, and purposeful. SOCIABILITY: Enjoys some degree of socializing and being around people, but also values privacy.

Critical/Agreeable Blend: Makes an effort to be cooperative in social settings. Not overly concerned with getting along. Is able to work for the benefit of the group. EMPATHY: Can balance objectivity with others' feelings. Shows a reasonable amount of concern for others. TRUST: Has a generally forgiving nature. Moderate trust in others.

Very Reactive: Sensitive, emotional, and prone to experience feelings that are upsetting. Prone to be tense, insecure, and nervous. Experiences very strong and passionate emotions. ANXIETY: May suffer from anxiety, leading to a negative disposition. Sometimes worries too much. Feelings can be easily hurt. MOOD: Mood is fairly consistent. Can let go of anger after a short period of time.

Very Inquisitive: Curious. Seeks new experiences. Likely to have an unconventional approach to life. Enjoys intellectual discussion. Considers all aspects an issue before reaching a conclusion. CREATIVITY: Is quite original, creative and enjoys breaking new ground.

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