Tuesday, September 28, 2010

William Fabian, Ph.D. Is a Total Fraud

William Fabian, Ph.D. (George Washington University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science) stole ideas from my self-analysis, The Caliban Complex, in his psychological test report (GW, May 1994) then proceeded to say that I lacked insight into my personality and that deep insights about my personality might be too much for my fragile personality to handle!



Keep in mind: Dr. Fabian also defrauded the Social Security Administration with his self-serving diagnosis of a psychotic disorder.

It's all the same case: no integrity whatsoever in that man.


Gary Freedman said...

This post is not defamatory. According to Dr. Fabian and GW I suffer from psychotic mental illness. My observations about other people are not factual representations; they are symptoms of psychotic mental illness. Further, no reasonable person could find the representations of a psychotic credible.

The statement of a psychotic, for example, "Hillary Clinton's mother was an extra-terrestrial alien" is not defamation.

Gary Freedman said...

I really think -- all kidding aside, assuming I can do that as a matter of law -- I really think the totality of bizarre facts and implications of my case probably can only arise if there is some underlying network of criminal activity.

Think about it. Paranoid schizophrenia that comes and goes.

Bipolar disorder in full bloom that does not affect the person's legal reasoning or fact analysis.

"Cartoon physics." "He was an outstanding employee, but when we found out he was crazy since the time he was hired, we had to fire him."

A sister who implores her unmedicated "potentially violent" and "psychotic brother" to babysit her 13-year-old daughter for the weekend (1995).

A supervisor who asks a potentially homicidal employee to stay in the office after he is fired to complete the work he was doing before he got fired.

A lawyer who foists on a court a mountain of legally-irrelevant evidence to win a case that his boss had earlier said he wouldn't even defend in court.

An individual diagnosed with psychotic mental illness again and again who shows no evidence of illness other than his accusation that he is a victim of a crime.

Oh, and believe me, we've only scratched the surface!